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Alternative Sentencing

Alternative Sentencing

Alternative Sentencing Issues: Seeking Treatment for Addiction Before Court

At Kestenbaum Eisner & Gorin, LLP, our attorneys counsel clients to get immediate treatment for addictive conduct that led to an arrest. This proactive intervention could prevent jail time, and reduce criminal charges in court. Addiction to alcohol or drugs frequently causes family disputes, financial instability, job performance issues, and personal trauma. Addictive behavior may also lead to a person being arrested and criminally charged.

At our top-rated Pre-Eminent law firm, our defense lawyers understand that clients who have been charged with serious drug and/or alcohol related offenses face severe legal consequences. For this reason, we offer each client the assistance and resources they need to seek effective treatment and rehabilitation before court. Our compassionate team is also committed to helping our clients' families find professionals who can help them get through emotionally strenuous times.

The sad reality is that addiction often leads to criminal behavior including theft, drug sales, DUI, and other more serious violations. Our criminal defense lawyers utilize numerous drug treatment programs in Southern California, both in-patient and out-patient, to help clients treat drug and alcohol addiction. Our Los Angeles criminal defense strategy is to aggressively use these programs as an alternative to jail or prison. We utilize varied California criminal law options including DEJ (Deferred Entry of Judgment), Proposition 36, and Drug Diversion as alternatives to custody time.

Other addictive conduct observed in the criminal justice system includes kleptomania, pornography, and gambling. Numerous counseling programs are available to also treat these addictive behaviors. Our clients' documented attendance at meetings and counseling to treat the behavior has led to mitigated case dispositions with reduced charges and no jail. Thus we encourage our clients to be enrolled in an appropriate counseling program immediately. We will leverage the client's sincere desire for treatment to obtain the best resolution in court.

If you or your loved one have an addiction, it is imperative that you seek help to overcome the demons of the addiction. Through immediate treatment and rehabilitation, you will be able to prevent future arrests, and significant personal problems. Keeping clients free and out of jail is the firm's main objective. As a result, we are also concerned about recidivism — to prevent clients from relapsing and being rearrested. Accordingly, we counsel clients to take their rehabilitation seriously and to be committed to change with a sponsor, a dedication to the 12-step lifestyle, and seeing a therapist on a regular basis.

Our law firm will work with you and your family on finding the right treatment program. There are many treatment centers in Southern California. You should choose the one with a long track record in the business and an excellent reputation.

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