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Bail And O.R. Release

Bail and O.R. Release in the San Fernando Valley, Pasadena, and Los Angeles Courts

Our top-rated criminal defense attorneys focus on getting clients released from custody as soon as possible. A client is best able to help in his defense when he is free to cooperate with his attorney in planning a courtroom strategy.

Bail is financial assurance that a Defendant will return to court after being released from custody. There are two ways to post bail. First, “cash” bail may be posted with the custodial agency to cover the entire amount of the bail. At the end of the case, if bail is exonerated, the defendant will receive a check for the entire amount posted (takes about 8-10 weeks). Second, a “bond” through a bail company may be posted. A defendant pays about 10% of the entire amount to a bail company, which puts up the entire bail amount through a bond. When bail is exonerated, the 10% premium is not returned to the defendant because this is the fee he paid to the bail company to post bail on his behalf (like an insurance premium). Although the standard bail fee is 10%, there are certain circumstances where clients can qualify for an 8% premium.

The judge's initial decision on bail or release may set the tone for the entire case. Our law firm's extensive experience in Southern California courts is an essential resource we utilize in getting bail reduced or having clients released O.R. Our criminal defense strategy is to successfully present arguments to reduce bail during the first court proceeding, which is called the Arraignment.

Our criminal defense lawyers have made a difference in thousands of cases in getting the bail reduced and our client released. Our attorneys aggressively present evidence during a Bail hearing. We provide crucial information to a judge to make him or her feel comfortable with deciding to release our client. The firm fights aggressively to secure the client's freedom as early as possible. Often we encourage the client's family, friends, and acquaintances to come to court at the Bail hearing – to establish the long and strong community bonds.

Our law firm will counsel you and your family on posting bail. There are numerous bail companies in Southern California. You should choose the one with long track record in the business and no record of discipline. We can recommend several companies should you need to bail out your loved one.

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