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L.A. Times Interviews Firm Partner Dmitry Gorin

L.A. Times Interviews Firm Partner Dmitry Gorin

National newspapers and media frequently contact Eisner & Gorin LLP in regards to the defense and prosecution of criminal cases. The most recent commentary, in February and March 2009, has been provided by Former District Attorney Dmitry Gorin. He discussed with the L.A. Times and the N.Y. Daily News the following issues: whether the criminal case against Chris Brown will be filed; what factors the District Attorney's Office considers in deciding whether to a file the case as a misdemeanor or felony offense; and whether the couple's being back together will affect the prosecution. The firm has also provided extensive commentary in the area of high-profile prosecutions for murder, medicinal marjiuana, and other California criminal laws.  Firm Partner Dmitry Gorin has been interviewed extensively on Court TV during the trial of music producer Phil Spector.

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