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Fear, anxiety, and restless nights are the typical responses for many individuals who have an outstanding bench warrant or arrest warrant in Los Angeles County criminal courts. Besides always being worried that the police will arrest you at your home or work, you or loved one may have the additional worries of not being able to obtain professional licensing, a driver's license, citizenship, or even a passport to travel outside the country. You must clear your arrest warrant and failure to appear as quickly as possible.

Warrants are issued by Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley courts for numerous reasons including (1) you failed to return to court after being ordered by a judge, (2) you received a citation in the mail or by a police officer and did not appear in court, (3) you were released on bail or O.R. from jail and did not come to court, (4) your probation officer directed you to court and you failed to appear, (5) you had a progress report for community service or other court-ordered program and failed to attend.

We work on removing warrants before a client even appears in court, depending on the type of charges and amount of bail set. Even where a client has already been arrested for a warrant, we will go to court to obtain bail and get our client out of custody.

Judges and Prosecutors always appreciate Clients voluntarily coming into Court making a “good faith” effort to correct this problem regardless of how long it has been since the warrant or failure to appear was issued. Our warrant defense attorneys will prepare legal paperwork for the judge explaining why there was a failure to appear, the client's background and circumstances, and the justification for keeping him or her out of jail.

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