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Los Angeles Juvenile Court

Los Angeles Juvenile Defense Lawyers

Top-Rated Juvenile Defense Attorneys in Los Angeles County Courts

The defense attorneys at Eisner & Gorin LLP specialize in the defense of juveniles throughout Los Angeles County courtrooms. We are fierce advocates for minors charged with crimes and understand that the consequences a juvenile record, or possible incarceration, could have on your child's future, jeopardizing future career and educational opportunities.

Our firm partners are former Los Angeles Juvenile Prosecutors with over 50 years combined experience of litigating cases in the juvenile court system and know how to protect your rights and the rights of your children. We have successfully defended juvenile cases in all of the following courtrooms:

Kenyon Juvenile Court
David V. Kenyon Juvenile Justice Center
7625 South Central Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90001

Name Title Location Dept. Phone
AMBROSE, ROBERT S Referee David V. Kenyon Juvenile Justice Center (Delinquency) 264 (323) 586-6051
GROMAN, DONNA QUIGLEY Judge David V. Kenyon Juvenile Justice Center (Delinquency) 265 (323) 586-6053

Eastlake Juvenile Court
1601 Eastlake Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90033

Name Title Location Dept. Phone
HILL, CHRISTINA L Judge Eastlake Juvenile Court (Delinquency) 203 (323) 226-8916
LOO, CYNTHIA Referee Eastlake Juvenile Court (Delinquency) 205 (323) 226-2891
MILLER SLOAN, ROBIN Judge Eastlake Juvenile Court (Delinquency) 202 (323) 226-8921
TOTTEN, ROBERT Commissioner Eastlake Juvenile Court (Delinquency) 201 (323) 226-8911
ZEBBERMAN, SHEP Referee Eastlake Juvenile Court (Delinquency) 204 (323) 226-8934

Pasadena Juvenile Court
300 East Walnut St.
Pasadena, CA 91101

Name Title Location Dept. Phone
BEASON, CANDACE J Judge Pasadena Courthouse A (626) 356-5641
BROWN, LESLIE E Judge Pasadena Courthouse F (626) 356-5655
CHRISTIAN, DEBORAH Judge Pasadena Courthouse O (626) 356-5245
CLOVER, SUZETTE Judge Pasadena Courthouse N (626) 356-5243
CROFT, JANICE C Judge Pasadena Courthouse H (626) 365-5667
DE VANON, JOSEPH F Judge Pasadena Courthouse S (626) 356-5358
FIELDS, EVERETT Referee Pasadena Courthouse   (626) 356-5507
GOMEZ, GUS Judge Pasadena Courthouse M (626) 356-5241
KATZ, MARY LOU Commissioner Pasadena Courthouse L (626) 356-5521
LENCH, LISA B Judge Pasadena Courthouse C (626) 356-5645
LEVENTER, ROBERT Commissioner Pasadena Courthouse 271 (626) 356-5671
PLUIM, JAN A Judge Pasadena Courthouse P (626) 356-5247
PRIVER, LAURA Judge Pasadena Courthouse B (626) 356-5643
SCHWARTZ, TERI Judge Pasadena Courthouse E (626) 356-5653
SERIO, COLLETTE N Commissioner Pasadena Courthouse G (626) 356-5665
SHUBIN, DOROTHY L Judge Pasadena Courthouse J (626) 356-5661
SIMPSON, C EDWARD Judge Pasadena Courthouse R (626) 356-5356
SMERLING, TERRY Judge Pasadena Courthouse D (626) 356-5647
SOTO, PHILIP L Judge Pasadena Courthouse 270 (626) 356-5673
WALLA, NORI A Commissioner Pasadena Courthouse K (626) 356-5657

Sylmar Juvenile Court
16350 Filbert St.
Sylmar, CA 91342

Name Title Location Dept. Phone
BAKER, ALTHEA Referee Sylmar Juvenile Courthouse (Delinquency) 275 (818) 364-2187
FRAZIN, MARK Referee Sylmar Juvenile Courthouse (Delinquency) 278 (818) 364-2178
FUJIOKA, FRED J Judge Sylmar Juvenile Courthouse (Delinquency) 277 (818) 364-2177
GOLD, JACK Commissioner Sylmar Juvenile Courthouse (Delinquency) 276 (818) 364-2176
ROCHMAN, MORTON Judge Sylmar Juvenile Courthouse (Delinquency) 279 (818) 364-2179

Los Padrinos Juvenile Court
7281 East Quill Dr.
Downey, CA 90242

Name Title Location Dept. Phone
CAMPOS, BENJAMIN R Commissioner Los Padrinos Juvenile Courthouse (Delinquency) 251 (562) 940-8846
MAUTINO, PHILIP K Judge Los Padrinos Juvenile Courthouse (Delinquency) 252 (562) 940-8841
SHIRLEY, HEIDI Referee Los Padrinos Juvenile Courthouse (Delinquency) 250 (562) 940-8851

Inglewood Juvenile Court
One Regent St.
Inglewood, CA 90301

Name Title Location Dept. Phone
BEVERLY, WILLIAM C Assigned Judge Inglewood Courthouse 5 (310) 419-5113
FERRELL, EUDON Judge Inglewood Courthouse 2 (310) 419-5107
HILL, DEIRDRE Judge Inglewood Courthouse 8 (310) 419-6707
JOHNSON, JOHN R Commissioner Inglewood Courthouse 4 (310) 419-5103
JONES, LORI-ANN C Commissioner Inglewood Courthouse 1 (310) 419-5109
MASON, JOHN A Commissioner Inglewood Courthouse N (310) 419-6725
MEIGS, JOHN V Judge Inglewood Courthouse O (310) 419-5101
MOORE, H RANDOLPH Assigned Judge Inglewood Courthouse 5 (310) 419-5113
MORETON, EDWARD B Judge Inglewood Courthouse 3 (310) 419-5105
OKAMOTO, VINCENT H Judge Inglewood Courthouse 7 (310) 419-5111
TORRES, WILLIAM R Commissioner Inglewood Courthouse N (310) 419-6725
WRIGHT, VICTOR L Judge Inglewood Courthouse 6 (310) 419-5115

Long Beach Juvenile Court
415 West Ocean Blvd.
Long Beach, CA 90802

Name Title Location Dept. Phone
ADAJIAN, JACOB Assigned Judge Long Beach Courthouse 4 (562) 491-6259
ANDREWS, DEBORAH B Judge Long Beach Courthouse 8 (562) 491-6251
BEHAR, LORI R Commissioner Long Beach Courthouse A (562) 491-6125
BOUNDS, GARY Commissioner Long Beach Courthouse 2 (562) 491-6241
CHEMELESKI, JOHN Commissioner Long Beach Courthouse N (562) 491-6155
COMPARET-CASSANI, JOAN Judge Long Beach Courthouse 10 (562) 491-6245
DILORETO, JOSEPH E Judge Long Beach Courthouse H (562) 491-5938
FERRARI, GARY J Judge Long Beach Courthouse M (562) 491-6153
HAIGH, DOUGLAS M Commissioner Long Beach Courthouse G (562) 491-6138
IDEMAN, JAMES Assigned Judge Long Beach Courthouse
JEAN, ARTHUR Judge Long Beach Courthouse J (562) 491-6129
JONES, MORRIS B Assigned Judge Long Beach Courthouse 11 (562) 491-6257
KALINSKI, GEORGE Commissioner Long Beach Courthouse 12 (562) 491-6596
KIM, MARK C Judge Long Beach Courthouse C (562) 491-6129
KLEIN, ROSS M Judge Long Beach Courthouse 11 (562) 491-6257
LAWSON, JOHN C Commissioner Long Beach Courthouse 245 (562) 491-6151
LEE, GIBSON Assigned Judge Long Beach Courthouse 246 (562) 491-6159
LORD, JOHN D Judge Long Beach Courthouse S (562) 491-6261
MADDEN, PATRICK T Judge Long Beach Courthouse B (562) 491-6127
MEYER, JUDITH L Judge Long Beach Courthouse 3 (562) 491-6240
MIRELES, RAYMOND Assigned Judge Long Beach Courthouse 11
OLSON, RALPH R Commissioner Long Beach Courthouse 7 (562) 491-6255
ONG, TOMSON T Judge Long Beach Courthouse 9 (562) 491-6247
OTTO, JAMES D Judge Long Beach Courthouse 6 (562) 491-6253
PIERCE, JAMES B Judge Long Beach Courthouse D (562) 491-6131
RODRIGUEZ, JESSE Judge Long Beach Courthouse F (562) 491-6136
ROMERO, RICHARD R Judge Long Beach Courthouse E (562) 491-6134
SHELDON, CHARLES D Judge Long Beach Courthouse K (562) 491-6148
VERMILLION, CLAIRE Referee Long Beach Courthouse (562) 491-6105
WEISMAN, WILLIAM R Judge Long Beach Courthouse 1 (562) 491-6243

Top-Rated Juvenile Defense Attorneys: Provide Immediate Response 24/7

When a minor is arrested, there are many factors that must immediately be managed, including the fact that the arrest may have taken place in the middle of the night, or the wee hours of the morning, or on a holiday or weekend. The juvenile court does not provide for Bail and thus an immediate Pre-Filing intervention with the probation department is required.

We have successfully investigated, defended, and litigated hundreds of cases in juvenile for various criminal charges including Violent Crime, Sex Crime, Domestic Violence, Theft-Fraud, BurglaryDUI, Vandalism, Weapons Charges, Bench Warrants and Drug Offenses.

The criminal justice system operates twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, every week of the year, and so does the criminal defense firm of Eisner & Gorin LLP. Any client, whether an adult or juvenile, new to the Firm or with an existing case, can reach the Firm in the event of an emergency 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including Sundays and holidays. No client should ever left alone to deal with the authorities without expert criminal defense work – this is especially the case for juveniles.

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