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High-Profile Criminal Lawyers: Defending Professionals Accused of Crimes

High-Profile Criminal Lawyers: Defending Professionals Accused of Crimes

Having been in practice for over 50 years, the firm partners at Kestenbaum Eisner & Gorin LLP have handled the toughest criminal matters in Southern California involving professionals and high-profile individuals.

Our boutique law practice focuses on thoroughly and aggressively defending all criminal matters. Our top-rated defense firm has obtained tremendous results in Los Angeles, Pasadena, Santa Clarita, and San Fernando Valley courtrooms:

1. Murder at the “Exposed” strip club in the San Fernando Valley.  Jury found our client Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity (Van Nuys Court 2008)

2. Public employee charged with hacking into computer systems and other felonies. Case settlement involved plea where client will be sentenced to a misdemeanor (Downtown Los Angeles 2008)

3. Attorney indicted for fraud as part of 3-year long D.A investigation. Case settlement involved plea to reduced charges and community service. (Downtown Los Angeles 2008)

4. Doctor accused on domestic violence. Case dismissed after our office demonstrated evidentiary problems of proof in the case. (San Fenando Court 2007)

5. Doctor accused of multi-million dollar fraud. Case dismissed before the preliminary hearing. (Downtown Los Angeles 2008)

6. Nurse accused of domestic violence. Two week trial. Jury finds her Not Guilty, after several minutes of deliberations. Judge grants finding of Factual Innocence over prosecutor's objection. (San Fernando Court 2007)

7.Factual Innocence motion granted for employee seeking to obtain teaching credentials. (Van Nuys Court 2007)

8.Doctor investigated for sending unlawful and obscene materials. No charges filed through pre-filing intervention by firm (Van Nuys jurisdiction 2008)

9.Attorney accused of possessing unlawful child pornography. Case settlement involved no jail and community service work (Downtown Los Angeles 2008)

10.Health care business administrator charged with major fraud and $6 million bail. Our firm secured the client's release from custody after prevailing on bail reduction argument and overcoming Penal Code Section 1275 bail hold objections (Downtown Los Angeles 2009)

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