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DUI Refusal Allegation

DUI Refusal Allegation: California Implied Consent Laws

California law mandates that all person arrested for a DUI submit to blood-alcohol chemical testing when requested by a police officer. This requirement is referred to as the “implied consent” law, as defined in California Vehicle Code Section 23612. This law does not require you to (1) perform Field Sobriety Tests or (2) submit a breath sample into the handheld Preliminary-Alcohol Screening Device, known as PAS, which officers carry with them in their police vehicles.

Anyone refusing to submit to blood-alcohol chemical testing may be charged with a sentencing enhancement in court, known as the “Refusal” allegation pursuant to Vehicle Code Sections 13353 and 23577. This enhancement adds mandatory jail time to even first-offender DUI case and causes a person's license to be suspended for 1-3 years. These penalties are imposed in addition to standard DUI penalties required by California DUI Laws.

Eisner & Gorin, LLP, offers an aggressive defense to DUI Refusal allegations. Our DUI attorneys examine numerous factors in constructing a defense strategy such as (1) how clearly the officer communicated with the suspect, (2) were there any language barriers, and (3) did the officer suff iciently advise the suspect of a refusal's legal consequences. Further, what was the demeanor of the officer – did the officer present himself in a rude, hostile, and unprofessional fashion.

Our DUI defense attorneys have frequently succeeded in convincing the prosecution to drop the Refusal sentencing enhancement, by raising a reasonable doubt about what exactly happened at the police station. We argued that the refusal was not willful or intentional, but was the officer's misperception of our client's state of mind, or just a personality conflict between the officer and client.

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