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Prostitution, Pimping and Solicitation Defense Lawyers: Criminal Violations of Penal Code 647(b) and Penal Code Section 266

Eisner & Gorin, LLP, is a top-rated criminal defense law firm. Our criminal defense attorneys have been helping clients obtain superior results for over 50 years. Our firm specializes in defending sex crimes including the violations of California Penal Code Section 647(b) Prostitution and Solicitation, and Pimping/Pandering charges, violations of Penal Code Section 266. We specialize in aggressively defending these allegations in the following courthouses: Van NuysSan Fernando, Santa Clarita, BurbankGlendalePasadenaSylmar Juvenile and throughout Los Angeles County.

Our criminal defense lawyers are former Los Angeles prosecutors who specialized in litigating sex crime violation on behalf of the state, and understand where the government's problems of proof often lie. When we work with our clients, we do everything possible to make sure that they receive aggressive representation in and out of court! That is why we have been rated a Pre-Eminent Top 5% U.S. Law Firm by Martindale-Hubbell, a national Lawyer Review Service, annually since 2003.

Definition Penal Code Section 647(b) and 266: Prostitution or Solicitation for Sex, Pimping and Pandering

Penal Code Section 647(b) can be violated in two different ways: (1) solicitation, or offering compensation for sexual services or (2) engaging in the act of prostitution. A person who is convicted may receive one year in the County Jail per count, probation, AIDS counseling and testing, stay away orders, and fines. If the accused has a prior conviction, the prosecution typically seeks increased jail time.

Penal Code Section 266 makes unlawful the pimping, or sharing proceeds from sexual relationships, by parties involved in prostitution activities. A conviction for this offense carries mandatory prison time.

It is of significant importance that you retain the legal services of an experienced criminal defense attorney who understands how to successfully defend sex crime charges. A defendant's constitutional rights may have been violated or the police may have failed to record the conversation with the undercover officer. The evidence may show that police office overreached in their investigation, for which aggressive courtroom defense is required!

We strive to provide a thorough and tenacious courtroom defense at the pretrial hearing and in front of the jury. We are tenacious in reaching our courtroom goals of either having all charged dropped or reduced or securing an attractive case settlement.

For our client's convenience, our main office is located across the street from the Van Nuys Courthouse and Jail. Our other San Fernando Valley law offices are located in Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, and Santa Clarita.

If you have been charged with Prostitution or Solicitation, in violation of Penal Code Section 647(b), or Pimping/Pandering in violation of Penal Code Section 266, call the criminal defense attorneys at Eisner & Gorin, LLP, at 877-781-1570. Our knowledgeable legal team can evaluate your case issues and advise you of your legal options before you go to court.

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