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What To Do Before Court

Building an Aggressive Defense to Criminal Accusations Immediately

Any one of the following may have just happened to you or someone you care for: (1) a search warrant was executed at your home or office; (2) local police or federal agents want to speak to you; (3) you have received a citation to be in court or at the prosecutor's office; or (4) you have been arrested or there is an outstanding warrant for your arrest.

What should you do right now?

Fear, anxiety, and restless nights are the typical responses for many individuals. Often, the person under arrest, if unfamiliar with the process, is overwhelmed, scared, and unable to give any information to frantic family and friends. Furthermore, the individual will be subject to direct police questioning and other law enforcement techniques designed to elicit information that will be used against the client during the prosecution. The police often make promises that they cannot or have no intention of delivering on, which is lawful. Do not accept detectives' promises of leniency or claims that it is your civic duty to cooperate. If you are a suspect, the police are not your friends. If they are asking you questions then you are a suspect. Ask for a lawyer – exercise your constitutional rights. Do not pay attention to their threats – our firm pursues Suppression of Evidence Motions if the police commit misconduct or violate your constitutional rights. Make sure your lawyer is with you before you speak to law enforcement.

Our Criminal Attorneys Intervene Immediately with Police

The first and most important step is to have a criminal defense specialist immediately contact law enforcement and the prosecutor's office on your behalf! Eisner & Gorin, LLP, has been aggressively helping individuals who are under investigation by the police, or have been arrested, for over 50 years. We are a Pre-Eminent Law Firm with a long history of successes in criminal and DUI defense cases. Our Pre-filing Intervention efforts have led to the release from custody of individuals investigated or arrested for rape, child molestation, robbery, and murder.

You must take a productive step to dealing with the criminal or DUI defense problem by consulting with an experienced criminal defense attorney. In this way, your criminal attorney can begin building the defense early, finding witnesses and physical evidence supporting the defense and protecting individual's rights from police tactics. Our firm's private investigator, with over 30 years experience in field work, is able to immediately conduct witnesses interviews before the witnesses move out of the area or simply do not want to cooperate.

Arraignment and Bail: Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley Criminal Defense

If someone has been arrested, our criminal defense lawyers will assist in protecting the individual's rights and guide him or her and the family through the complexities of California's criminal justice system. Within forty hours of an arrest, the individual will make their initial appearance in court, which is called the “Arraignment.” This is a critical moment in the criminal case because the defense attorney will be given an opportunity to speak to the Court regarding the allegations and the individual under arrest. Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley judges will then use that information to determine whether to hold the individual on Bail or release him or her on their Own Recognizance (“OR”) to return to court.

Our Pre-Eminent criminal defense law firm understands that the judge's initial decision on bail or release may set the tone for the entire case. Our criminal defense experience has made a difference in hundreds and hundreds of cases. Our attorneys know how to present evidence during a Bail Motion and provide crucial information to a judge to make him or her feel comfortable with deciding to release our client. The firm will fight aggressively to secure the client's freedom as early as possible. Often we encourage the client's family, friends, and acquaintances to come to court at the Bail hearing – to establish the long and strong community bonds. We argue vigorously and make every possible attempt to win freedom for our client at this vital stage, after demonstrating our client's law-abiding background and community support.

Why Our Criminal Defense and DUI Defense Law Firm

We have successfully investigated, defended, and tried hundreds of cases to verdict for various criminal charges including: Violent CrimesSex Crimes, Domestic Violence, Theft and Fraud, Burglary, DUIInternet Sex Crimes, Internet Fraud Crimes, Weapons charges, Bench Warrants, Juvenile Crime, and Drug Offenses.

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