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Failure To Register

Failure to Register Criminal Attorneys: Defense to Violation of California Penal Code Section 290

Eisner & Gorin, LLP, is a top-rated criminal defense law firm. Our criminal defense attorneys have been helping clients obtain superior results for over 50 years. Our firm specializes in the defense Failure to Register Penal Code Section 290 charges. We specialize in aggressively defending Penal Code 290 violations in the following courthouses: Van NuysSan Fernando, Santa Clarita, BurbankGlendalePasadenaSylmar Juvenile and throughout Los Angeles County.

Definition of Penal Code Section 290 Violations

If you have previously been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony sexual offense requiring mandatory sex offender registration, California law states that failing to register yourself with the local authorities is a crime that can lead to prison time. The registration must be annually around the person's birthday, even if you are still living at the same location. In California, registration is a lifetime requirement. Forgetfulness or having transportation problems of getting to a local police station are not lawful defenses under California law. Even if you have annually registered, Penal Code Section 290 requires the person to re-register whenever you move to a new address.

Aggressive Defense to Three Strike Law Consequences

If you or your loved one is facing Failure to Register Penal Code 290 charges, and have a prior strike conviction for Rape, Child Molestation, Forced Oral Copulation, Sexual Battery, Indecent Exposure, or any other sex offense, it is crucial that you obtain experienced legal counsel. We will help you to aggressively fight your case to avoid the consequences from a Three Strike Offense prosecution. If the prior strike is not dismissed, and you are charged with a Penal Code Section 290 case, California law says you cannot receive probation and must be sentenced to prison. Even when a defendant fails to register simply because of forgetfulness, without intentionally trying to evade the legal requirements of Penal Code Section 290, the state may seek a prison sentence.

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