Major Difference Between Law Firm VS Public Defender

No doubt, many of us tend to believe that the public defenders that are appointed by the State are incapable of delivering great solutions. People mostly see them as the worst option possible, regardless of what kind of case we may be talking about. Hence, most individuals tend to work with public attorneys only if they do not have any other choice whatsoever.

With that said, in truth, most of the public defenders are not that bad. These guys are also highly qualified and have the skills and the experience to represent you in court. Nevertheless, just imagine how many cases they need to handle on a day to day basis. Too many people these days are unable to afford legal representative from a law firm, and they are turning to public lawyers for help. Every public defender has dozens of cases that he needs to deal with simultaneously. This obviously means that he will not be able to invest all of his time and efforts into making sure that your case is his top priority. In most cases public attorneys will not have the time to talk to you outside of the courtroom, which is also a huge disadvantage.

Do not forget that the State is not providing public lawyers with sufficient funding. This is also a major flaw, seeing how it means that these lawyers will not have the resources to ensure that they are working with the best outside experts and specialists. We are talking about independent forensics experts, examiners, evidence testing labs and so on. Hence, it will mean that you will not get the most from legal representation and this will imply that you may get a harsher legal sentence and a more severe verdict.

One way or the other, the official statistical data clearly indicates that cases in which people were represented by public defenders did not turn the case in their favor. Hence, if you have the possibility to afford a legal representative from a law firm, who will be able to dedicate all of his time and efforts into handling the matter properly, it is best to hire the law firm in order to get the best results possible. After all, aside from the fact that such a lawyer will be able to provide you with all the time and efforts he has, he also has the resources, which will prove to be genuinely invaluable for your case.

In addition, public defenders may not be as affordable as you may think. For example, in case you will choose to plead guilty, you may be required to pay all the court fees or it may cause you a jail time.

Therefore, in the event that you or your loved ones were charged with some type of crime and you wish to really avoid the harsh legal penalties, it is essential to consider hiring a professional law firm representative. He will devote all his efforts and all his time to make sure your original charges get reduced or dismissed.

Mistakes You Don’t know You’re Making When Interacting With Police During The Arrest

California justice system was specifically designed to keep us safe, to make sure that people who brake the law get prosecuted and that people who are innocent are protected from all harm. Unfortunately, this is not always the way it works. There are too many known cases when completely innocent individuals were sentenced to jail and released decades after, because the system realized that it made a mistake. Sadly, such situations are becoming more and more common these days, due to how the law enforcement authorities are recently behaving and what mistakes they make.

Having said that, it very important to make sure that you are prepared for any potential situation that would involve the law enforcement authorities. After all, we all have our rights and we do need to know how to apply them when we need. Even in case you know absolutely nothing about the modern justice system and how it works, you still probably know those rights. One way or the other, you have heard them a thousand times before on TV as well as in movies, you read them in the books and articles. And have you ever considered why is it that you have the right to remain silent? Why can everything you say be used against you in the court of law?

Odds are, you are not being arrested every day. Hence, it is only natural that you are going to panic and freak out. Especially considering that the law enforcement officer are going to be putting cuffs on you and there will be plenty of yelling as well as screaming on the scene. Well, this is when you may begin to say whatever is on your mind. Even though it may be something totally silly and induced by fear, the law enforcement officers are not going to lose that chance and will document everything you say as evidence. That very same evidence will be presented in court and the police officer will give his or her statement, confirming what you said during the arrest. You should know that a lot of San Fernando prosecutors and even plenty of judges will always be more than happy to make an example of a case and they may well take that evidence quite seriously. Hence, even if you wish to tell the arresting officer that they got the wrong man, that you are innocent and they should let you go, the best thing to do would be to remain completely silent. That is, until you get a chance to consult with a local San Fernando attorney.

A police statement having the words you said can be even more difficult to fight against. It is your word against the word of the law enforcement officers. Regardless of whether you meant what you said or not, the judge and the prosecutor will consider the police statement more accurate. Hence, no matter how aggressive or friendly the arresting officers may really be, find strength in yourself and make sure that you do not share a word with them. This can save you from more trouble and will allow you to avoid more harm in your case.

Anything you say may and will be taken as an actual confession and you really do not want it to be one. Therefore, take your right to remain silent very seriously and use it. The modern justice system is far from being perfect, so all those words may very well be used against you. The only person you could trust is your San Fernando criminal defense lawyer. Only a legal representative will be able to help you prove you are innocence. You should tell him everything you feel is important to prepare a strong defense strategy. If you were arrested and charged with a crime, call us at (877) 781-1570 or fill out online contact form.

Man Arrested in North Hollywood Sexual Assaults

Local law enforcement offiicals have arrested a man they believe may have been responsible for a string of recent sexual assaults in the North Hollywood area.  Irvine Perez, who is 30 years old, is accused of sexually assaulting at least seven women since June, in some cases groping them, in others possibly exposing himself to them.  Police believe Perez is also responsible for the attempted kidnapping of a 17-year-old girl, allegedly chasing her back and forth across the street until she managed to evade him.

Perez is a registered sex offender who was convicted of a similar series of assaults in the San Fernando Valley in 2006 and 2007.  He was released from police custody on bond and is due to appear in court on December 5th.  Law enforcement officials are still searching for any additional victims.

One of the most frustrating aspects of criminal law is the wide variety of criminal acts that fall under the umbrella of “sex crimes.”  While being groped or having someone expose themselves to you may be unsettling, many people would deem it unfair to lump in these crimes with such serious offenses as rape or child molestation.  The majority of sex cries in the San Fernando Valley are felony criminal offenses that can easily put a person in jail, in addition to permanently tarnishing his or her reputation with sex offender registry and the stigma that is so often attached to being convicted of a sex crime.  If you or someone you know has been accused of a sex crime, you need an aggressive and experienced sex crime defense attorney on your side right away.

Exposing “private” body parts in a public place is usually charged as either lewd conduct or indecent exposure.  By law, if you are in a public space such as a restaurant or out on the street, the touching or displaying of the genitals or buttocks of both men and women, or the displaying of the breasts by a woman, may be offensive to someone and is punishable by up to one year in a County Jail, probation and sex offender registration, perhaps for life.  If the defendant has prior convictions for lewd conduct or indecent exposure, then the consequences could be even steeper as prior convictions tend to enhance the sentencing for just about any criminal offense, including a sex crime.

Two Men Arrested for Identity Theft in Los Angele County

In this digital age where so many things are purchased online using simply the series of numbers on a credit card, identity theft has been on the rise.  Current laws make it a serious criminal offense to assume another person’s identity or use their financial information or any reason, including for financial gain.  Whether a person is simply looking to improve their credit score by using someone else’s social security number and credit information, or using someone’s identification information to apply for lines of credit to purchase things for themselves, identity theft is a real crime that is often punished with up to 15 years in prison.

While identity theft is a federal crime, it can occur in a wide variety of ways and can take a numberof different forms.  From stealing a person’s bankcard PIN number to gain access to their bank account, to full-scale identity theft involving using another person’s identification information to apply for loans, purchase cars and get new apartments, people have their identification and financial information stolen every day.  Some of the most popular methods of gaining the necessary information involve hacking into supposedly secure databases, or internet purchasing scams that trick unsuspecting victims into giving up their important information.

In Los Angele County, officers with the L.A. County Identity Theft Task Force arrested two men the day before Thanksgiving on suspicion of identity theft.  Mauro Cortez and Rigoberto Cortez were suspected of using the identities of several Army Reservists currently serving tours of duty in Afghanistan to establish credit and eventually purchahe vehicles for themselves.  The two men were said to have been given the necessary information by another U.S. Army Reservist who is also currently on active duty.

Identity theft is always an appalling crime since it involves the theft of sensitive information as well as, ultimately, money from anoter person, but this crime is particularly easy to see as despicable since it involved United State’s soldiers currently away on active duty.  However, it really does not matter whose identity or financial information is stolen, or from where the information was gained.  If you or someone you know is facing identity theft charges, it is urgent that you find an exceptional criminal defense attorney right away, particularly one that is qualified to handle federal crimes since many identity theft cases turn out to be federal offenses.

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